About Cydwoq New York

Our boutique in Nolita,  formerly “Shoe”, has been  dedicated  for over ten years to only one brand of footwear—Cydwoq (side-walk), because they are the most uniquely beautiful, intelligently made and exceptionally comfortable shoes.  We are now proud to carry the brand name and be the first and only Cydwoq store.

At Cydwoq, New York, you will find a carefully curated selection, the largest anywhere, of this very hard to find brand in the classic “Cydwoq” and “Vintage” collections as well as “Cliff Dweller”.

We stock the full range of sizes for men and women and our small staff is very experienced and dedicated to helping  each customer find the perfect shoe to enhance their walking experience.

Cydwoq shoes naturally attract interesting people and our customers are extremely faithful and knowledgeable. Our mission is to make their Cydwoq dreams come true!

About Cydwoq

Rafi Balouzian, the founder of Cydwoq, comes from a long line of master shoemakers hailing from Armenia via Lebanon where Rafi grew up in his father’s factory and learned the craft at a young age. He studied architecture in the US but found himself obsessed by the problem of finding comfortable shoes to support his feet on the long walks he has always enjoyed. This lead him to found the brand and work tirelessly to fulfill his vision.

Rafi’s shoes are designed with an architectural aesthetic, constructed organically and crafted by hand in a small factory in California. Many well considered steps are involved in this fascinating process.

Each shoe is cut from the fewest pieces possible of hand-tanned Italian leather and employs the least number of seams needed. The leather soles are sculpted and molded to the contour of the foot and a metal shank helps keeps the shape. The shoes are then assembled using meticulous old world techniques and non-toxic materials.

Cydwoq shoes are incredibly comfortable and supportive. They mold to the owner’s feet and and age beautifully insuring long years of wear with proper care.